Fourth US Infantry - American Civil War Reenactment

Equipment - What you will need

The Impression

The 4th U.S. Infantry were part of "The Old Army", the original 10 Regiments that formed the standing U.S. army prior to the Civil War. As such, their uniform and equipment reflected the pre-war issuances in effect when the war started. As the war drew on, pieces of clothing and equipment were replaced as items were lost or worn out.

A note on cost

The complete uniform, equipage and musket is not inexpensive. However, this is not an investment you will need to make right away as the unit owns extra equipment for the purpose of loaning to new recruits.

Things Required - Starter Kit

Dark blue Forage Cap with a single brass No. 4
Black waist belt with oval U.S. buckle
Black cap box
Dark blue canteen with black leather sling
Black Brogan Shoes (but black desert boots will do for first year)

Dark blue sack coat and sky blue infantry trousers
White shirt
Black cartridge box with oval brass lid weight and round brass eagle motif
Socks - wool or cotton
Black Haversack

Uniform and equipment for re-enacting

Advanced Uniform and Kit

9 button dark blue military waistcoat
Dark blue frock coat
Bayonet with black scabbard and frog

Hardee hat with black Ostrich feather and brass badges
Musket (must be 3 band) - preferred 1861 Springfield

Uniform and equipment for reenacting

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Once you have made contact with us, we can arrange to give you a trial run in the field. We can put you in a uniform and get you up to speed with drill so you can see what it is like to be a Regular. All you have to do is show up and we will look after your travel through time.

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