Fourth US Infantry - American Civil War Reenactment

The Fighting Fourth's event list

If you want to see the Fighting Fourth U.S. Infantry in action, look below to see when we'll be coming near you!

These are merely for you to 'save the date', venues may change and some events may not happen (except those that state CONFIRMED).

Updated 12th December 2017

Highcliff Castle

24th-25th March, Highcliff Castle, Christchurch (CONFIRMED).

Belhus Woods

30th March- 2nd April, Belhus Woods Country Park (UNCONFIRMED).

Cressing Temple

14th-15th April, Cressing Temple (CONFIRMED).

Stratford Armouries

5th-7th May, Stratford Armouries (UNCONFIRMED).

Watford Traing Camp

26th-28th May, Watford Training Camp (CONFIRMED).


16th-17th June, Evesham (CONFIRMED).

Earls Barton

23rd-24th June, Earls Barton, Northampton (CONFIRMED).

Stoneham Barns

30th June-1st July, Stoneham Barns, Ipswich (CONFIRMED).

Caulsdon Fair

7th July, Coulsdon Fair (CONFIRMED).

Detling Militasry Odyessy

28th July, Basildon Carnival (CONFIRMED).

Detling Militasry Odyessy

25th-27th August, Detling Military Odyessy (CONFIRMED).

The above are subject to change without notice. New events are added, and some may be removed or cancelled. Please ensure you check back regularly.